Alien Agenda

A Book By Steve Peek

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“I slept with the lights on for two weeks.” Remote Alabama. Cut off by rain flooded rivers: a veteran with a secret, a runaway teenage boy, and a Cherokee medicine woman face terrifying creatures – the Long Claws, a clan of cunning beings equipped to track and kill with speed and strength like nothing seen before.

REVIEWERS “powerful story, characters, and chills – this book has everything” “darkly fabulous storytelling” “the best horror I’ve read since Stephen King hit the scene” “he creates a hellish world with horrific creatures” “thrilled and impressed by Peek’s ability to pull readers into his story” “half afraid to turn the page” “amazing flair for description” “Grisham-like Painted House feel to the simple rhythms he portrays” “I read Longclaws straight through. This guy is a GREAT story Teller!” “it made me believe it could be real”