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Most people feel their life is missing something. They feel less than they could be. There is a reason for this general unhappiness. The good news is: you can change it.

Coyote Dreaming shows how civilization is out of balance and a fundamental change of mind is necessary to allow many, for the time, to understand psychological and emotional discomforts with which they suffer because they cannot fit into the hole society created for them.

Coyote Dreaming is an intimate and sometimes startling account of Steve Peek’s spiritual journey and mystical dreams that changed his life forever. The author’s fascinating memoir takes readers into the realm of Jung’s collective unconscious without psycho-babble. It is a compelling narrative that immerses you into the powerful world of dreams that provides answers to inner struggles and the search for meaning.

The book includes a lab manual with a step-by-step method for tapping into the universal data base for the answers you need.

Dreams provide your truths and accurate, unlimited guidance.
The knowledge in dreams is limitless, abundant, and strangely accommodating. Everything we need is in our dreams.

All we have to do is ask and listen.