WIP – Islands.



Ika Island and Goat Island, Washington
Ika Island and Goat Island, Washington (Photo credit: WorldIslandInfo.com)

Below is a paragraph from a new book, working title Islands.


One morning people wake up all over the world and all the oceans are filled with new islands that no one can get to. Let me know what you think of the paragraph.



In a moment, when the Speaker of the House announced the President of the United States, Robert Gee, a small but tough, American born of 100% Chinese blood, would take the podium and reveal the greatest secret in the history of the world.  It was also the greatest threat the world ever faced.  Then, when the audience calmed, he would announce his solution, the solution that would save the United States of America from the destruction of civilization currently facing every nation.  He would leave the gathering a true American hero and one of its greatest leaders – or so he thought.


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