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"A New Genre: Science Faction" "A clever blend of truth and fiction, not an easy book to forget" A keeper of government secrets goes rogue. A ten-year-old girl is kidnapped from a black budget project. America unleashes its full power to find her before the truth is revealed. The clock is ticking. Humankind, as we know it, is running out of time.

Dan Brown Meets Hannibal Lecter "Caligula is the perfect monster; nuanced, well-written, an iconic villain" San Francisco Chronicle He lived to kill. He lives again to kill again. Over and over, an immortal murderer. A madman with unlimited power gains crippled immortality.

Most people feel their life is missing something. They feel less than they could be. There is a reason for this general unhappiness. The good news is: you can change it.

"I slept with the lights on for two weeks." Remote Alabama. Cut off by rain flooded rivers: a veteran with a secret, a runaway teenage boy, and a Cherokee medicine woman face terrifying creatures – the Long Claws, a clan of cunning beings equipped to track and kill with speed and strength like nothing seen before.

Is Stonehenge a stone hinge? 10,000 years ago, humans knew of parallel universes -- from experience, not from current quantum models. This knowledge became embedded myths. Media feeds the public’s hunger for the unexplained. From books to blogs, movies to magazines, provide a steady diet of angels, bigfoot, aliens, ghost, vampires, and a menagerie of other mysterious creatures.

John Ryan was about to be drafted, so instead of risking punji-stick filled jungles, he joined the Air Force. When his best-laid plans and schemes backfired, he volunteered for the war he tried to avoid – irony he failed to appreciate.

New islands pop into existence in all the oceans. Three weeks later the wheels fall off. Eight billion people join the land rush. Civilization grinds to a halt in a most natural way. No disease, zombies or alien invaders, at least not any we imagined.

Meet the Victorian Era residents of Ireland’s remote, most western shore, Achill Island. They hold to the old ways, keeping alive legends of powerful mythic gods and magical creatures long banished in ancient battles of swords and sorcery. Centuries later, the Catholic Church placed the final lock on the gates of pagan exile. The rest of Europe is enlightened. They believe their ancestors’ religions as childish, stupid superstitions. Except on Achill Island. The people know what moves in the night. They see them, at least they think they do, and seeing. . .is believing.