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New islands pop into existence in all the oceans. Three weeks later the wheels fall off. Eight billion people join the land rush. Civilization grinds to a halt in a most natural way. No disease, zombies or alien invaders, at least not any we imagined. 

Alex Gamble, ostracized and ridiculed by mainstream physicists, knows the truth but sees no reason to help until he falls head over heels for Stephanie Hart, a stunning TV reporter determined to report the details of civilization’s unraveling. Alex takes her to a place where they might survive the end of the World.

Zach and Bobby, big brutal ex-convicts hate their lives until law enforcement ceases to exist. Zach and Bobby embrace the chaos. They begin a torture-murder spree unequaled human history by non-governmental organizations. For the first time in their lives they have power and authority to do anything they want – and what they want is never good for the people around them.

Bobby and Zach stumble across Alex and Stephanie. Leaving Alex for dead, their ugly minds turn to Stephanie. Like always, they move on to kill and rape others before pillaging their pantries. 
Alex recovers, finds Stephanie missing and sets out to find and kill the men who took the love of his life.

Alex relentlessly follows the wake left by the murders. As he catches up with them, he comes to a new understanding of the strange new world where nothing is as it seems. 

“a story that haunts your imagination.”
“the most original story in decades.”
“Delightfully frightening mix of Stephen King and Douglas Adams.”
”It grabbed me from the first sentence and kept me going until the last”
“Even at the end of the world, Peek’s down to earth enjoyable style made me laugh more than once.”
“It is said that there are no new plots in the world. Steve Peek begs to disagree.”
“I love apocalypse literature, and this is a completely new take on the theme.”
“There are tons written in this genre, but The Island Builders’ main plot staggers the imagination.”
“Steve Peek has done what most end-of-the-world authors fail to do: written an intelligent and thought-provoking scenario.”
“a new look at an old story and its awesome”
“As a lifelong sci-fi fan, I thought I’d read every possible variation of the world’s end – until The Island Builders.”