Alien Agenda – Why they came and why they stayed


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Narrated by a rogue keeper of government secrets, this fact-based thriller begins with the death of America’s first Secretary of Defense, James Forrestal and posits he did not commit suicide but was killed for what he was about to reveal.

The story follows the trail of government research past the Manhattan Project and pulls that team of famous physicists to work on Project Rainbow, an outgrowth of secret research during World War II. Real history and real science make this story compelling and not easily dismissed even by UFO reports most cynical critics.

The evidence eventually leads to answer the big questions: What brought the visitors, why have they stayed, what do they want?

Hunted by a high-tech FBI unit, the narrator eludes capture and sets a kidnapping in motion that reveals the existence of Melanie, a ten year old girl prized by the visitors and held captive by the government.

More liberators than kidnappers, the group narrowly escapes numerous international agencies engaged in pursuit and delivers Melanie to a remote part of the world where she is safe – for now.

A sequel, Alien Agenda: Reunited, is in the works.

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4 responses to “Alien Agenda – Why they came and why they stayed

    1. In business it was called the 80/20 rule. It indicated that 80% of your revenue came from 20% of your customers, or 20% of your sales force produced 80% of your sales. If you were OCD, or CDO as the truly compulsive write it in alphabetical order, you might apply the rule to many areas.

      The rule really no longer applies in business, at least to the extent it once did.

      In Alien Agenda I figure about 80% of the UFO information is believed to be true by the majority of those that dwell on such things. The other 20% is made up but beware. That 20% is carefully invented to fit seamlessly with facts. What makes it more dangerous is that some of the 20% fabrication may actually be true.

  1. VERY NICE. I was looking for various books on UFO and found this one. Read it and very interesting story. Hope the new book comes on. Someone need to do a movie or TV on it, since most of the stuff networks do are basically rubbish. Thank you.

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